Blackjack Game Steps

Players of online blackjack are constantly looking for ways to improve their blackjack game. While there are countless books and guides for winning at blackjack, most of these are useless when it comes to online blackjack, which uses automatic shufflers and shifting numbers of decks. When it comes to online blackjack, there are just a few key tips that will help any player improve his or her online blackjack game.

When to Hit or Stand

There are two main options in blackjack that will help a player get to that desired score of 21. Players can either hit or stand on their two dealt cards, and knowing when to do each is key. If the total value of the player's two dealt cards is less than 17 and a dealer shows a card that is 8 or higher, the player should almost always hit. This can sometimes result in the player going bust, but it is more likely that if the player doesn't hit, the dealer will beat the player's hand anyway. If the dealer shows only a 4, 5, or 6, and the player has a hand greater than 12, the player should stand. The chances are good here that the dealer will go bust trying to beat the player's hand, giving the win to the player.

When to Double or Split

Another important thing is to know when to split or double down. While players must place their bets before the deal, the player may want to increase his or her bet if he or she is dealt a particularly good hand. If the player is dealt a 20 or a 21, then he or she should almost definitely double the bet and win more money. Splitting is a good idea when the player is dealt two cards with very low numbers. This will give the player two separate hands to play with and can double the chances of beating the dealer.

With these simple tips, players can greatly improve their blackjack game at their favorite online slots casino.