Pay attention to the roulette promotions

Online Roulette is a really interesting game. It has plenty of betting options! The online roulette website also offers tremendous promotional deals for players. The welcome bonus deal is particularly good. You can get a 150 % bonus up to 300 pounds! Of course, the website features many other such deals.

While playing casino games roulette, you can make bets on specific numbers, or number combinations. If you engage in straight up or single betting on one definite number, your payout will be thirty-five to one. If you bet on two neighbouring numbers in a split bet, you will have a payout of seventeen to one. When you bet on three numbers in what is known as a street bet, the payout will be eleven to one. The corner bet involves betting on four neighbouring numbers and the resulting payout is eight to one. The line bet involves betting on two rows of numbers and the payout is five to one. A dozen bet occurs when you bet on one group of number twelve numbers. In that case, the payout is two to one. You can easily bet on a column. You would be betting on one of the three columns that are located on the grid. The actual payout would be twelve to one. The high or low bet takes place when you bet on one to eighteen, or nineteen to thirty-six groups of numbers. The payout is one to one. There is also the red or black bet with a one to one payout. On top of it all, the odd or even bet involves betting on whether the number will be even. Once you master those basic rules, you will get to enjoy the game.