The Rise of Online Poker

In 2003, online poker earned a monthly revenue of nearly $35 million. By 2010, more than 500 poker sites existed. The game has become very popular because it is easy to access and fun. It is confusing when you think about all the promotion offers that are available on the web. Thankfully, this site has made your choices much easier. The Recommandations du Joey website: poker en ligne francais page offers updated casino reviews and links to the top sites out there. You can play on your own or against a group of opponents anywhere and anytime you want.

Poker History

Although poker has been around in some form or another for thousands of years, the version most people are familiar with was created in 1834. At first, poker was played on riverboats on the Mississippi river using only 20 cards. Eventually, the game evolved into the version people know today and makes use of one or more full decks.

Online Poker Origins

The earliest online poker games were played in 1998, when launched. PlanetPoker had a number of issues and obstacles to overcome before it could convince people to play. One of the earliest issues was site security and establishing trust. Another issue was creating software that was both realistic and user-friendly. The site was eventually able to do so.

Increasing Popularity

While online poker wasn't initially very popular, a number of events occurred that increased its appeal. One was the World Poker Tour, which first took place in 2002. The World Series of Poker also helped boost the popularity of the game. By 2004 and 2005, many people signed up for online poker websites. Revenues from the sites reached more than $2 billion in 2005. The sites even appealed to novice players or people who didn't have much interest for the real-life game.

Types of Poker Offered

Online poker sites offer players a great selection of games. Examples of versions available include 3 card poker, Texas Holdem and 5 card draw. Some websites also offer satellite tournaments. You can also access live poker tournaments online. In the past, players such as Chris Moneymaker won tournaments by playing online. Moneymaker was able to land a spot in the World Series of Poker back in 2003.

Support from Professionals

A number of well-respected names in the poker industry have supported the growth of online poker. Professional players have been enthusiastic about web-based poker for a long time. Players such as Phil Gordon, Erik Seidel, and Erick Lindgren have all supported online games.

You can play a game of poker on the web either directly in your browser or by downloading a piece of software. Browser based games are compatible with several different operating systems including Mac and Linux, while some downloadable programs require Windows to run. As more and more sites are also creating versions that work on mobile devices.